Blood Dupre




Kanji ブラッド=デュプレ
Rōmaji Buraddo Dupure
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Country hearts
Relatives Vivaldi-Older Sister
Visual Novel Alice in the Country of hearts
Anime Alice in the Country of Hearts
Manga Alice in the Country of Hearts (Manga)
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi



Leader of the Hatter mafia, he is charming, flirtatious, laid-back, and loves black tea. Blood is nothing like the Mad Hatter, the character he represents. He rules the Hatter Mansion area and is strongly hated by Mary Gowland for making his name known throughout the Land of Hearts. He is also involved in a civil war with the Queen of Hearts. Alice notices right away that he looks exactly like her ex-boyfriend. Nightmare created his face to look identical to her ex-boyfriend, though his reasons for doing so are unknown. In the beginning, Blood states he has no intention of loving Alice and discusses trying to kill her. He even attempts to choke her at one point, and shoots at her during a ball held by Vivaldi. However, like many others, Blood develops a strong interest in her, and in the manga, he antagonizes Julius just so Alice will leave Julius to stay with Blood, though she never actually leaves the Clock Tower. It is even suggested later in the manga that Blood is in fact jealous and directs his negative feelings at Alice. He thinks Alice flirts with everyone, and in the manga, when he was taking a bath with Elliot, Dee, and Dum, Dee said he would rather bathe with Alice instead of Elliot and Dum agreed. Elliot said that she wouldn't want to. Blood said, "Don't think Alice is so pure. She is able to seduce all the men."


In the games, he is a bit less violent toward Alice than in the manga.In the games, he is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi.