The manga is about Alice Liddell, an average girl who is living with her dad and two sisters. After the tragic loss of her mother, the younger sister loathes Alice because she did not shed a tear while their dad spent days working harder to forget about his deceased wife. Alice's sister Lorina Liddell was her only family member who still liked her however she stole Alice's childhood lover away. Lorina did not mean to do it purposely, but it was Alice's childhood lover who fell in love with Lorina. When Alice's is taken to Wonderland, Blood Dupre looks identical to Alice's childhood lover which causes conflict later in the series.


Alice ended up in wonderland because she was kidnapped by Peter White whom she refers to as "The bunny eared pervert". She was lured into a hole by Peter while she was in her garden with her older sister. Peter forcefully made drink a potion by putting it in his mouth first and then kissing her open mouthed.