Lorina Leddell




Kanji ロリーナ=リデル
Rōmaji Rorina Rideru
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Country England
Relatives Alice Liddell-Younger Sister

Edith Liddell-Younger Sister

Visual Novel Alice in the Country of Hearts
Anime Alice in the Country of Hearts
Manga Alice in the Country of Hearts (Manga)
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Mika Kanda


Lorina is kind and intelligent. Vivaldi reminds Alice of her sister. 


Lorina is Alice's older sister, a graceful young lady whom Alice both admires and feels inferior towards. Alice's inability to leave Wonderland is related to painful memories relating to Lorina and Lorina's relationship with Alice's ex-boyfriend, which continues to trouble Alice each time she tries to remember. Though Alice believes her sister was left behind outside of Wonderland, Lorina's appearance in Wonderland's jail reveals the true reason behind why Alice feels a great deal of pain whenever she attempts to remember Lorina. Lorina is based on Alice's older sister in the original novels, who is based on Alice Liddell's older sister Lorina, who was also a friend of Lewis Carroll.


Lorina is described by Alice as beautiful and elegant. She has fair skin, aqua blue eyes, and brownish hair which falls behind her to about her waist with two thick ringlets in front going just past her shoulders. She is seen in a purple dress with creme lace and golden embelishments, sometimes with a bonnet.