Pierce Villiers




Kanji ピアス=ヴィリエ
Rōmaji Piasu Virie
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Country Clover
Visual Novel Alice in the Country of Hearts
Anime Alice in the Country of Hearts
Manga Alice in the Country of Hearts (Manga)
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Sōichirō Hoshi



Pierce is the counterpart of the Dormouse and is the undertaker for the Hatters. He has functional mouse ears and a tail and suffers from insomnia as a result of constantly drinking coffee out of paranoia at the thought of being eaten by Boris. He used to work for the Hatter family, but ran away prior to the beginning of the series due to being terrorized by Boris and the twins. He adores Nightmare because he helps him sleep and is often worried about his health. Pierce is terrified of Boris who often tries to eat him and constantly makes him feel like his life is in danger. However, he likes Peter and Elliot because he doesn't feel threatened around rabbits. In a side chapter of the manga, he attempts to kiss Alice soon as he recognizes her as an outsider. Alice slaps him in the face in response and asks him "if he tries to kiss strangers often".